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Every year, more than two billion people worldwide set out to experience the incredible diversity of museums.
This is why ViMuseo connects the world of museums with the world of travel:
Over 50,000 museums, exhibitions, museum nights, art blogs, online museum shops as well as the most important cultural travel providers in Europe, hotels and more – all combined on one platform: ViMuseo.


Help our museums!

All museums are closed? No, they are open at ViMuseo!

Here you can visit them online, do some shopping and even donate for them.
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And how do you get there?

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Visit the museums virtually!

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Interesting items from the museum shops on ViMuseo

The latest exhibitions on ViMuseo

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Culture and study tour operators in Europe

ViMuseo offers you a unique overview of (almost) all providers of cultural and study tours in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other European countries.

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"Long Night of Museums" in your city

The museum nights in Germany, Austria and Switzerland at a glance?
ViMuseo has the overview!

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The Art Blog

Blog magazine about contemporary visual arts and artists from all around the world

The art blog started as a blog about contemporary artists from all around the world. As more and more artists have been showcased the art blog gives you the possibility to discover a cross section of the amazing variety of the art world on one site.

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All museums near you

Welcome to ViMuseo!
In a museum you can discover everything that people like to collect: Art, culture, the valuable, the rare, the bizarre, the everyday and much more.ViMuseo brings all these museums on one platform and shows them to you in your surrounding area.

Whether this is your home town or a place you visit - on ViMuseo you will find, for example, the art museum, open-air museum, technology museum, local history museum, car museum or toy museum as well as current exhibitions.

In short: all types of museums that exist in the region you have chosen.
ViMuseo is not only your regional and worldwide museum guide, but also offers you a platform for the exchange with other users of ViMuseo:

Here you can rate museums, ask other users or pass on information about a museum yourself - of course you can also create a list of museums that interest you most.

And if a museum doesn't show up at our site, we would be happy if you could tell us the name and website of the museum so that we can get a little closer to our goal of actually having *all museums in the world listed.

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