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Help the museums in your city, your country, worldwide

Museums are the cultural hearts of our world, they contain everything that makes mankind what it is.
But museum closures pose an existential threat to a large part of the more than 100,000 museums worldwide.
That's why ViMuseo, as the largest global platform for museums and exhibitions, has launched "#SaveOurMuseums".

We firmly believe that in this day and age many people are not only interested in museums, but are also willing to support them in various ways.
Whether through a simple virtual tour of the museum or through a concrete donation - help museums survive this crisis!

Visit the museums online

On ViMuseo hundreds of museums have already opened a virtual tour, show you their most beautiful exhibits and make you want to visit them as soon as they are open again.

Online Visit

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Tell your museum stories

Museums are lively meeting places for over two billion people who experience the diversity of museums and exhibitions every year.
Tell on ViMuseo what you have experienced and exchange ideas with other museum lovers.

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Discover the museums up close

Brand new is the video feature in ViMuseo!
This means that the museums guide you through their museum via video and you will learn first hand exciting things about the museum, its exhibits and the people behind them.

Shop in the museum shops

Every cent that a museum earns by selling a product in their online shop on ViMuseo stays with the museum. Because we waive our commission for the entire year 2020.
Museums are just starting to put their museum shops online - so the offer is getting bigger every day!

View Shops

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Donate and support – you can support the museums in two ways

You donate money to the donation account we set up

  • for all museums or for the museums of a specific country
  • the museums get in touch with us and tell us what they need most urgently and thanks to your donation you can support them
  • for a specific museum that you would particularly like to help – give us the name on your transfer and we will forward 100% of the money to that museum.

You buy a ticket now

  • either for you and your friends or family
  • or as a gift voucher

This means that the museum not only receives money now, but above all knows that visitors will come again after reopening!
You can order tickets for yourself or as a voucher in the online shops of the museums here on ViMuseo online.


Thanks for supporting the museums!

Should your donation be used for all museums or only museums in a certain country?

Please use the subject line given here also in your bank transfer so that we can allocate it accordingly and forward your donation correctly.
If you need proof of donation:
For donations of up to 200 Euro, the bank statement or deposit receipt is sufficient as proof of donation.
From an amount of 200 euros, Volksbank Allgäu-Oberschwaben issues a donation receipt as proof of donation.
In this receipt, you must also state your address in the reason for payment.


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Insert the ViMuseo logo with link on your website

Variant 1: Copy HTML Code

  • Copy the HTML code below
  • Insert it in the place on your website where you would like the ViMuseo logo to be placed.
  • If you are using a CMS, you must switch to HTML mode in the editor to be able to insert the code.
<a target="_blank" href=""> <img src="" style="border:none; width:250px; height:86px; padding:0; margin:0px;"> </a>

Variant 2: Download logo and insert directly

  • Click with the right mouse button on the logo below and select "Save graphic as".
  • Log in to your CMS system and open the desired place in edit mode.
  • You can now upload and paste the image directly to your website and link it there to:
ViMuseo Logo Download image