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ViMuseo Shop T&Cs

General Terms and Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions regulate the services provided by Museumsfreund GmbH ( hereafter " ViMuseo ") to museums and other cultural institutions ( hereafter " Museum ") and private users of the platform ( hereafter " User ") in the version valid at the time of the conclusion of the contract.

Please read the General Terms and Conditions carefully before using our service.

Online Shop for museums

ViMuseo's online shop for museums is a marketplace for cultural institutions. Museums can offer their products, which can be purchased by users. Museums and users make purchases in their own name and on their own account.

  1. ViMuseo provides the platform. The articles are offered and sold directly by the museum.
    1. Therefore ViMuseo does not warrant quality, safety or legality.
    2. All claims (payment claims, delivery, liability and warranty) must be asserted directly against the business partner.
    3. ViMuseo is not liable for agreements made between business partners.
    4. ViMuseo cannot guarantee the legality of the offer or the availability of the goods.
  2. The given data of the museums are not checked by ViMuseo. ViMuseo cannot exclude the possibility that incorrect contact data was entered when opening a user account, despite security precautions. The users of the online shop are therefore obliged to check the identity of their business partners themselves.
  3. All legal claims must be made directly against the seller. ViMuseo is released from all claims, including misrepresentation by the seller, defective item or product liability claims.
  4. The museum itself is responsible for the actuality of the shop. ViMuseo does not guarantee that all items listed on the website will still be available when ordered from the museum.
  5. Do not buy products discovered through the ViMuseo online shop directly from the museum, bypassing ViMuseo. Museum and users are obliged to report such circumventions to ViMuseo.
  6. The prices are set by the museum itself, but there is a minimum price of 0,50 € per item.
  7. Museums are not allowed to allocate costs for products to the shipping costs. Shipping costs may only include actual packaging and shipping costs. Furthermore, no further fees (plus product price and shipping costs) may be charged.


  1. ViMuseo does not warrant that:
    1. the Website is error-free or that access is continuous or uninterrupted
    2. System errors or defects are corrected immediately and completely
    3. the system is free from viruses or other harmful software
    4. the system meets the expectations of all users/customers

Neither ViMuseo nor our employees or the managing director are liable to the museum for lost profits or income, consequential damages or other damages, punitive damages, which have arisen in connection with our services. Compensation obligation: If ViMuseo is sued by a museum/user due to the actions of the museum/user, the museum/user undertakes to defend and compensate ViMuseo. ViMuseo receives the right to conduct the defense according to our will.

Terms of payment

  1. The use of the shop is free of charge for the museum. In the case of a sale, a commission of 0.00 % plus VAT on the stated sales price is due. There is a minimum sales commission of 0.10 € per product, the maximum commission is 99.00 € per product.
  2. The commission is due as soon as ViMuseo creates a corresponding invoice. The billing period is four weeks. The invoice will be sent electronically, a paper invoice will not be created.
  3. Payment options:
    1. Invoice: The invoice must be paid within 14 days. If the amount has not been paid by the due date, ViMuseo can charge a lump sum of € 2.00 for damages.
    2. Debit: In case of a return debit ViMuseo can charge a lump sum of 2,00 €.
    3. Paypal: The payment will be made immediately - fees have to be paid by the museum.

Termination of the contract

The account can be closed at any time by sending a mail to

  1. termination by customer: After account closure, the customer's entry is reset to a minimum. (name, address, emphasis)
  2. termination by user: After account closure, some content, such as comments and questions, will still be published on ViMuseo (but without any reference to the user).
  3. Claims or claims remain valid even after account closure.

Insert the ViMuseo logo with link on your website

Variant 1: Copy HTML Code

  • Copy the HTML code below
  • Insert it in the place on your website where you would like the ViMuseo logo to be placed.
  • If you are using a CMS, you must switch to HTML mode in the editor to be able to insert the code.
<a target="_blank" href=""> <img src="" style="border:none; width:250px; height:86px; padding:0; margin:0px;"> </a>

Variant 2: Download logo and insert directly

  • Click with the right mouse button on the logo below and select "Save graphic as".
  • Log in to your CMS system and open the desired place in edit mode.
  • You can now upload and paste the image directly to your website and link it there to:
ViMuseo Logo Download image